Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kindergarten Authors' Share

Kindergarten students were excited to share their writing and reading with their families and other guests on Wednesday morning.  They read books that they wrote and illustrated themselves as well as books by other authors.  The children were proud of their efforts and thrilled to share their work with such an appreciative audience.  We want to thank all of our guests for coming in and listening to our books.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Slopeside Syrup Visit

On Friday, March 8, Doug Brown from Slopeside Syrup visited our class.  He showed us pictures of his sugar house, tubing, and maple syrup.  Mr. Brown brought in some of his equipment and explained how he uses it.  We all went outside and learned how to identify a maple tree by the leaves and branches.  We particularly enjoyed helping to tap four trees in the woods behind our school.  Our class will be collecting sap and Mr. Brown will boil it down into maple syrup for us. 
Thank you Mr. Brown for a great visit.  We learned so much! 
This visit was arranged through the Farm to School program.  We would also like to thank Amy Gifford for setting up the visit.  What a wonderful opportunity for our students!