Monday, November 30, 2015

Food Donations for Taste Cafe

Below is the link for the Kindergarten Sign Up Genius.  We are in need of several food items for a taste cafe during our study of the Five Senses.   Please sign up if you are able to supply a needed food item by Dec. 18.  Thank you.  We appreciate your support.

Sign Up Genius 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Word Study

This morning we practiced our letter formation, handwriting and spelling using shaving cream.  We tap out our words and write letters for the beginning, middle and ending sounds.  We loved the smell, the feel and the fun of using shaving cream.


Fun With Fourth Grade Buddies

This afternoon our class finished our turkey glyphs with our fourth grade buddies.  These glyphs tell about each of us through colors and parts of the turkey.  We enjoyed visiting with our buddies, adding feathers and colors to our turkeys and writing clues about ourselves that will help others figure out which turkey we made.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Fourth Grade Buddies

We visited our fourth grade buddies in their classroom this afternoon.  They showed us books that they had just finished writing.  Some were big books, some were pop up books and some were folded in lots of different ways.  After we looked at their books we all started work on a Thanksgiving project.  We are creating Turkey Glyphs where the finished turkey has colors and feathers to represent things about each child (boy or girl, eye color, age, etc.)  We will finish our projects on Thursday. We enjoy working with our fourth grade buddies in Ms. Senning's class.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fourth Grade and Kinder Buddies

Today was a very special day for our class.  We had a writing celebration and met our fourth grade buddies! Our fourth grade buddies came to our classroom to listen to true stories from our lives. We have been busy writing these stories for several weeks.  We finally finished "fixing up" and "fancying up" our pieces.  After we read our stories to our new fourth grade buddies we read several books from our book bin to them as well.  Then they read a picture book to us.  It was a wonderful writing celebration.  Thank you fourth graders in Ms. Senning's class for being such a great audience.
We can't wait to work and play with you throughout the school year.

Library books

November, 2015
Dear Kindergarten Families,

Starting next week, your kindergartner will be bringing home TWO books every week to share with you! We will be exploring different collections of books such as nonfiction (true books) and poetry. Please enjoy these books together with your child. Reading out loud to children helps build their vocabularies and shows them how much fun reading can be. You can ask your child to do a “picture walk” with you, previewing the illustrations and story before you read the book aloud.

Kindergarten library books are due back by Monday every week (earlier is okay too). Please send your child’s books back by Monday, so he or she can get new ones to bring home. Thank you for your 
help with this!


Ileen Gilbar and Marian Mumford, Kindergarten Teachers
Beth Redford, RES Librarian