Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shape Mural

As part of our Shape unit in math students created a beautiful Shape Mural.  Using many of the shapes we are learning about students built a Spring scene complete with grass, birds, trampolines, bikes, playground equipment, ponds, a basketball court and much more.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tapping Maple Trees

Spring must be right around the corner!  We were outside tapping maple trees today.  Doug Brown and Autumn from Slopeside Syrup came into our classroom.  They explained about tapping trees, collecting sap, and boiling sap into maple syrup.  Students loved going outside to tap three trees.  Kindergarten students drilled holes, hammered taps in and hung buckets and lids.  They even took pictures of the process.  What a fun experience!  Now when the weather finally warms up we are ready to collect sap for Slopeside to boil down into syrup for our school.  (We are so excited about sugaring that we are making pancakes and having pancakes with maple syrup in class this week.)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

First Graders Share Informational Writing

Friday morning first grade students from Mrs. Hackett's class came in to share their informational writing.  Each first grader wrote a book that included a table of contents, glossary and all about the author section.  The books were designed to teach us something.  The books focused on a wide variety of topics from math to animals.  We were very impressed with the writing and illustrations.  Mrs. Hackett's class did a great job!  We were thrilled that they shared their writing with us.  We might try writing our own informational books.