Monday, April 28, 2014

April Poetry

April is poetry month.  Our class is reading and writing poetry this week.  We created this poem together this morning.  We hope you enjoy it!


S unny and warm
P lants are budding.
R oses bloom.
am playing in the mud.
N ow it's time to cut grass.
G reen grass growing. 

Signs of Spring that students brought in today:
tadpoles, worms, branches budding, leaves from plants & chives.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring at RES

Our class had a great time looking for signs of spring at RES.  We began our on site spring discovery by looking at and discussing different bird feathers and bird calls.  Then Audubon naturalists guided us through the trails and woods behind our school.  We found many signs of spring including a few snails, lots of mud, small plants growing and buds on bushes.  We even heard a bird call or two, which we were able to identify.  Our on site field trip was funded through a Four Winds professional development project that all three RES kindergarten teachers are taking part in.  In addition, students in our class were able to take pictures of signs of spring using s camera purchased with funds raised from and a gift certificate from Horace Mann.  Students enjoyed using the camera to record their spring observations.  We plan to use some of these photographs during writing and science time next week.