Friday, October 30, 2015

Tie-Dyed T-shirts

We love our new tie-dyed t-shirts!

Caps For Sale - Companion Workshop

Yesterday morning we began our day with a workshop to prepare for our trip to see Caps For Sale.  The teacher from the Flynn Theater did a great job!  We saw pictures of the Flynn Theater, stage and seats.  We learned about the etiquette for live performances.  One of our favorite parts was when we turned into actors and pretended we were the monkeys doing different things,  We also liked making up our own monkey dance and choosing the music to accompany it.  We can't wait to go to the Flynn Theater next Tuesday.  Thank you to the Flynn and the sponsor of the grant that allowed us to have this workshop in our classroom.  Thank you to Darcie Rankin, our enrichment teacher, for organizing this.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

We Are Readers and Mathematicians!

Hi Friends,
I want to make sure my students have the materials they need to succeed, so I just created a request for an iPad for the  classroom at
Click on the link below:
We Are Readers and Mathematicians

If you give to our classroom by November 2, 2015 your donation will be doubled thanks to Just enter the code SPARK on the payment page and you'll be matched dollar for dollar (up to $100).

If you chip in to help RES kindergarten students, you'll get awesome photos and our heartfelt thanks.

Thanks so much,

P.S. If you know anyone who may want to help my classroom, please pass this along!

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Leaf Man in Richmond

Our class has been busy working on a rewrite of the book Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert.  Scholars had a great time collecting materials from nature for their pages.  We took pictures of each page and put the pages all together.  Then we added our voices and writing to create an online book.  We hope you enjoy reading and listening to our book.  We had such fun making it!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sharing Our Writing

Today we shared our teaching books with first graders in Mrs. Lister's class.  They shared their "small moment " stories with us.  We enjoyed celebrating all of our hard work in writing.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


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October, 2015

Dear Kindergarten Families,

Welcome to the RES Library! Starting this week, your kindergartner will be bringing home a book every week to share with you. Please enjoy this book together with your child. Reading out loud to children helps build their vocabularies and shows them how much fun reading can be. You can ask your child to do a “picture walk” with you, previewing the illustrations and story before you read the book aloud.

Library books are due back by Monday every week (earlier is okay too). Please send your child’s book back by Monday, so he or she can get a new one to bring home. Thank you for your help with this! Please contact our librarian, Beth Redford, at if you ever have any questions.


Ileen Gilbar and Marian Mumford, Kindergarten Teachers
Beth Redford, RES Librarian

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Autumn Inquiry

We had a great trip to the Audubon today!  We explored the forest, field and beaver pond to look for signs of autumn.  Students were very excited to find a centipede and many salamanders.  We noticed how slowly salamanders moved in this cool weather. We were surprised by all the different kinds of seeds we found.  Kindergarten scholars pretended they were monarch butterflies and migrated to Mexico.  They even became squirrels hiding acorns for winter.  We learned a great deal about how animals and plants change in the fall as they prepare for winter.
Thank you to all our parent chaperones who helped on the field trip today.