Friday, April 15, 2016

Writing Celebration

Thank you fourth grade buddies for coming to our writing celebration!  We loved sharing our opinion writing with you.  It was also fun reading with you and playing on the playground together.
Thank you Ms. Senning's class for being our buddies.  We always enjoy spending time with you.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Greener and Cleaner

What an amazing day!  We spent a great deal of time outside today.  We ran around first thing in the morning to prepare for our busy work day.  We even had snack and reading time outside today.
Then, in the afternoon, students took on the task of cleaning our playground and even some of the area around the middle school.   You probably remember our opinion letter that we sent home about litter. We know that litter looks bad and is bad for the environment and animals.  We wanted to do something about the litter we see around us.   We picked up so many pieces of broken plastic, pencils and other trash.  Students were all happy that they were wearing gloves.  We even sorted the litter we collected to see if some of the things could be recycled or put in Terracycle.  We  know that we can make a difference!  Thank you for sending in gloves and paper bags so that we could make our schoolyard cleaner and greener.