Sunday, May 18, 2014

Whitcomb Farm Field Trip

Our field trip to the Whitcomb Farm on Thursday was a huge success.  Mary Whitcomb, our farmer friend, did a terrific job showing us around the farm.  We have been corresponding with Mary for several months.  It was exciting to see many of the things she had been writing to us about.  A few of our favorites included the robotic milking machines, the newborn calves, the "red cow", the chicken who lays "Easter eggs" (eggs that are a variety of colors), the cow food, and the barn.  Mary was quite informative and we all learned a great deal about how to take of newborn calves and cows.  She was able to weave in our Five Senses and Organisms science units throughout the trip.  We want to thank NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont) for funding our field trip to the farm and coordinating our connection to a local farmer.  We also want to thank Mary Whitcomb for her willingness to communicate with us and have us visit her farm.  Thank you parent chaperones for volunteering on our trip.  It was fun having you share this learning experience with us.