Thursday, October 13, 2016

Audubon Field Trip

We had a great field trip today.  The rain held off until we arrived back from our field trip.   The Audubon teachers taught us about what animals are doing at this time of year to get ready for winter.  We played several games to learn about migration and hibernation.  We hid acorns and made squirrel and bird nests.  We matched color paint chips to colors we can find in nature at this time of year.  We observed salamanders up close.  It was so nice to hike through the woods and see all the colorful leaves.  It was a perfect fall day for exploring the Audubon.  The Audubon is free and open to the public.  They have ponds, a river, fields, forest and great hiking trails.  It is a great place for families to visit.  Thank you parent chaperones for coming with us.  We appreciated your help.